The BSGW Mission is:

  • To encourage the scholarly study of beads, which are among the oldest, most universal, and enduring artifacts of mankind.

  • To provide educational opportunities for bead mavens/lovers to expand their knowledge of beads.

  • To foster public appreciation of beads as objects of beauty that have been used not only for adornment but as status symbols and protective amulets in ancient, ethnic, and contemporary cultures.

  • To stimulate the creative spirit of bead artists and craftspeople interested in making beads, designing jewelry or using beads in other art forms.

The Society Pursues its Mission by:

  • Disseminating knowledge and education through lectures by artists in the field, archeologists, historians, and collectors.

  • Sharing our resources through our research library - open to our members.

  • Providing a scholarship to study the Bead Timeline of History donated by the BSGW to and permanently housed at the Peabody Institute at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

The BSGW Promotes:

  • Cultural understanding through the interpretation of beads;

    • What beads tell us about people

      • the men and women who have worn them and made them, traded them and treasured them

      • their aesthetic impulses and artistic abilities

      • their technological skills and trading patterns

      • their hopes and fears and social roles

  • Exploration of bead making, stringing, design techniques and bead art.