The Bead Timeline of History

The Bead Museum in Washington, DC, opened the exhibit of The Bead Timeline of History in 2000.  Our 38-foot exhibit displayed over 5,000 beads in their historical, geographical, and cultural contexts dating from as far back as 10,000 BCE up until to today.  Created with permission from Lois Sherr Dubin, whose fold-out “Bead Chart:  A Time Line of Bead History” in her landmark book, 'The History of Beads from 30,000 B.C. to the Present', had already inspired two previous timelines with real beads, it was co-curated by Jamey D. Allen and Dr. James Lankton.  It became the core of the Bead Museum’s permanent collection.


After the closing of the Bead Museum in Washington, DC, in January of 2008, the BSGW donated the Bead Timeline to the Peabody Museum at Yale University.  Presently, several panels of the Timeline are on exhibit in the Archaeology Department building, across from the Peabody Museum itself, in connection with current research being done by professors and students in the department. The Link referred to below features articles on both the Timeline donation and the research now being done, in part by referring to beads on it. Scholars from other institutions, both in the US and abroad are welcome to do research using beads on the Timeline by prior arrangement with the Museum.


As our Timeline will always be a part of the BSGW, we are proud to give you an opportunity to visit it in its new home at the Peabody Museum via the Link below:

Click on the image of the Bead Timeline for more information.